COVID-19 ECE Department Updates





August, pre-semester Campus Readiness Updates:

Find ongoing updates on campus readiness and campus safety kits availability locations: 

June Campus Update:

The university remains under a state of emergency. Ohio State announces plans for an autumn semester return to campuses. More information.

Engineering Technology Services – IT resources for ECE Faculty, Students and Staff:… 

April 13: Call to Arms online workshop

Ohio Eminent Scholar in Networking and Communications, Ness Shroff, a chaired professor of ECE/CSE and TDAI affiliate, organized an National Science Foundation-sponsored Call to Arms online workshop, Monday, April 13, 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. ET, to spark research on most effectively modeling, analyzing, predicting and mitigating the spread of COVID-19. It will be structured across three inter-related panels: Modeling and Prediction; Resource-Constrained Testing; and Adaptive Interventions. Find more information: HERE

Spring 2020 Grading Policy, ECE Graduate Students

To choose a Pass/No Pass (PA/NP) option, ECE graduate students must submit the request online by 12:00pm Friday, April 17, 2020. 
Link to submit Pass/No Pass
Non-ECE graduate students should check with their home departments for approval.


»    Students may continue to receive letter grades in all graded graduate courses.
»    Students may choose to change course to Pass/Non-Pass (PA/NP). 
»    Student deadline to submit course change to PA/NP is 12:00pm Friday, April 17, 2020.
»    PA (Pass) courses count towards full credit hours. NP (No Pass) courses do not count toward credit hours. 
»    C - or above = Pass. Below C - = No Pass.
»    PA/NP courses will count toward ECE letter-graded course requirements (5000 letter graded, 6000+ advanced level)
»    PA/NP grade will not affect the GPA.
»    Students can also choose PA/NP without informing the advisor. We suggest that students discuss the PA/NP decision with their faculty advisors before finalizing their decisions. 

Spring 2020 Deadlines, ECE Graduate Students

l    Incomplete Course Option - Spring 2020
•    Student submits Incomplete grade request to the instructor.
•    Deadline extended to 10 weeks to complete the course work the following term. 
l    Withdraw From a Course Deadline - Spring 2020
•    Deadline extended to April 17, 2020
•    Course will be marked with a “W” on transcript
l    Final Exam Deadlines – Spring 2020
•    Oral defense/Non-thesis deadline (PhD & MS): Extended to April 17, 2020 
•    Document Submission deadline: Extended to April 24, 2020
•    End of Semester deadline: Extended to Thursday, July 2, 2020
l    Commencement – Spring 2020
•    Virtual commencement on May 3, 2020, noon

Master’s Graduate Recruiting



ECE is actively recruiting Ohio State engineering undergraduates to the MS and BS/MS programs.

More information:
l    GRE is waived for Ohio State undergraduates who graduate in spring 2020 and summer 2020 
l    Holistic admissions review 
l    GPA relaxed slightly for both BS/MS and MS 
l    Students apply online or contact Beth Bucher.9 by April 20

Click here for: Withdrawal from a course deadline option

Click here for: Final Exam Deadline

Click here for: Online Application Process

Updates from the ECE Undergraduate Program:

Spring 2020 Pass/Non-Pass (PA/NP) option for ECE undergraduate students
What is Pass/Non-Pass (PA/NP)? PA/NP is a grade scheme which does not contribute to the GPA. For Spring 2020 only, consistent with the university resolution, the College of Engineering has decided to extended the PA/NP option to all major and minor courses (i.e., all degree requirements) for undergraduate programs. PA/NP is completely optional, you can choose to take all courses PA/NP, a few courses PA/NP, or no courses PA/NP. Passing in the College of Engineering is a “D” or better.
Students will have until Friday April 17 to indicate which courses they wish to take pass/non-pass. Once you elect to take a course PA/NP this decision cannot be reversed. If you have questions please schedule a virtual appointment with an undergraduate academic advisor. Here is the link to the undergraduate PA/NP form: 

Mental Health Wellness

1. The Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS) of Ohio State has moved its services from in-person to online during the pandemic. Find more information HERE. 

2. The Ohio State organization Sky@OSU is encouraging any students dealing with higher anxiety and depression levels to reach out. Here is Becca from the club, explaining how they teach meditation best practices and more. Contact Sky@OSU at or