Communication/Digital Signal Processing Domain Electives

Communication systems and signal processing are long-standing areas of interest for electrical engineers. Audio, image, and video compression (JPEG, MPEG, MP3); medical imaging (MRI), image denoising/deblurring (Hubble telescope), music signal processing, radar, wireless computing (iPhone), sensor networks, and digital television are but a few examples of today’s communication and signal processing technologies.

A full set of technical electives are available for further study in both disciplines. Some of these are system oriented and prepare the student for industry, while others are more theoretical and are recommended for preparation for graduate school.

ECE elective courses (3 credits each)

  • Intro to Analog and Digital Communications (ECE 5000)
  • Intro to Wireless Networking (ECE 5101)
  • Intro to Digital Signal Processing (ECE 5200)
  • Medical Imaging and Processing (ECE 5206)
  • Instrumentation, Signals, Controls in Transportation Applications (ECE 5400)


  • Communication Lab (ECE 5007): 0.5 credits
  • Real-time Digital Signal Processing Lab (ECE 5207): 0.5 credits