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Capstone Course Road Map

The ECE Capstone program has recently undergone a significant change to provide better opportunities for students to develop professional skills and prepare themselves to integrate into the industry or higher education.

Core Curriculum

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving

  • Knowledge of fundamental engineering principles

  • Technical proficiency (Industry standards, tools, software)

  • Teamwork and collaboration

  • Entrepreneurial skills

  • Ethics and professionalism


ECE currently offers three different options for students:

  • The ECE Two-Semester sequence capstone course comprises Capstone I (ECE3906 or ECE3905) and Capstone II (ECE4905). Students can choose an industry or community-sponsored project or define projects based on their interests.
  • The two-semester Design with Honors Thesis Project comprises Capstone I (ECE3906) and Honor Capstone (ECE4900H).
  • The two-semester Multidisciplinary Capstone comprises Capstone I (ENG5901.01) and Capstone II (ENG5902.01) within the Engineering Education Department (EED)

Capstone instructors and graduate and undergraduate mentors support each cohort to assist the students in various topics such as circuit design, power electronics, embedded systems, control and robotics, Radio Frequency (RF) and communication, hardware, and software.

Capstone I and II