Antiracist Technology

Rationale: Technology has been defined as anything that extends human capability. Antiracist technology is designed to extend the capabilities of individuals and groups who seek to end racism. 

Examples: Innovation needs include:

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  1. Approaches to remove “algorithmic bias” in computer vision, facial recognition, and machine learning, and to create fair and reliable algorithms without such bias (e.g., applications in surveillance, healthcare, and criminal justice)
  2. Technology supporting community organization and action (e.g., for protest, group-defined initiatives).
  3. Website design to reduce racial profiling found in neighborhood/community web sites, or to promote access to mental health resources.
  4. Racially-biased biosensors/devices (e.g., pulse oximeter, PPG sensor, spirometer).

Current project, publicity: Racial Sensitivity Training for the Columbus Division of Police


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