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2013 EE/ECE Alumni Society Homecoming-Reunion


Even with some rain, ECE alums managed to stay (fairly) dry during the pre-game tailgate.  We thought you might like to read some comments given (anonymously) by some ECE attendees:

Q:  What did you enjoy or value the most about this event?
A:  Met an OSU EE alum who turned out to be one of my father's first managers ...helpful reminder that the world of EE's is still small and tightly connected in unforseen ways.
A:  fellowship, seeing people I haven't seen in a long time and faculty and staff
A:  Meeting other alums, good food, good football
A:  The food was very good. The game seats were nice seats. We enjoyed the young lady on stilts.
A:  Great food. Plenty of seating. Excellent choices all around. Being dry in the rain helped a lot! Also, the game tickets (although the last row), were probably the best I've ever had. They were great seats!
A:  Meeting other EE alumni
A:  Everything was perfect.

Scholarship donations: Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who registered and made a special donation to one of the society's scholarship funds.  If you didn't but would still like to, you may do so online.  Any amount is appreciated and will count toward your OSUAA sustaining membership requirement for 2014.  Ohio undergraduate students, fund #312547; non-Ohio undergraduate students, fund #312548; graduate students who were former OSU ECE undergraduate students, fund #312549.

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