Academic Domains and Electives



In addition to the required core credit hours required for their major in ECE, students are required to take 24 hours of general education electives from the university and a set of technical/directed electives from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Electives / academic domains for electrical engineering majors

Electrical engineering majors must take 73 core credit hours, 31 hours of electives in ECE and 24 general education elective hours. These electives include 16 hours of technical electives, which must include 6 hours in a single area of academic domains and 3 hours in each of at least two additional domain areas. These must include at least one 5000-level ECE technical elective and at least one lab.

The ECE department offers seven undergraduate academic domains for technical electives. These enable students to gain expertise and specialized knowledge and personalize their programs of study. The domains are:

Electives for computer engineering majors

Computer engineering majors must complete 84 core credit hours, 20 technical and directed elective hours PLUS the 24 hours of general university electives.

Plan your electives wisely

Start planning your technical elective program early, while you're taking ECE 3020 during the autumn semester of your third year, to help ensure desired courses will be available when needed. Many technical electives must be taken in sequence. Usually sequences are only offered once each year.

For scheduling assistance, please make an appointment with one of our academic advisors.

Refer to the Undergraduate Handbook and ECE bingo sheets for complete information on all degree requirements.

General education electives

The university requires students to take st least 24 hours of general education electives from the following areas:

6 hours of English and communication skills (ENGL 1110 and 2367)
6 hours of social sciences
3 hours of literature
3 hours of visual/performing arts
3 hours of historical study
3 hours historical study or culture and ideas course

Complete information on general education requirements for engineering majors are available from the College of Engineering website.